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Diagnostics represents a category of reactives of remarkable importance. Their application is connected to people's health, as, thanks to them, it is possible to analyse and measure the various parameters observed in blood tests. Therefore, diagnostics functional integrity is paramount to guarantee a correct analysis and measurement of all parameters in blood tests.

Diagnostics reliability mostly depends on properly maintaining preservation temperature, normally in the range +2°C/+8°C. Due to the fact that it is not a drug, the producer doesn't generally perceive the need to use a sophisticated transport system. However, the quality of the adopted solution is instrumental to preserve the product integrity. DRYCE, deeply knowing the need of the diagnostic sector, has developed a line of highly reliable isothermal systems that address specifically the transport of such products.

With DRYCE support, designing custom system of transport to match all the requirements in shipment cost optimization, keeping a high reliability of preservation temperature of the diagnostic in a predetermined range, is within reach.

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