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Clinical Trials

Research of new drugs is an activity of utmost importance both on an ethical and economic level. Pharmaceutical companies invest years and effort in synthesizing new active ingredients and new formulas resulting, at the end of a long journey, in experimental drugs. Clinical trials are essential in the process of validation and approval of a new drug by authorities and a good outcome of the experimentation phase is key to all this process. This is exactly why clinical trials' value is actually even more important, as all the effort of research and development and the eventuality of a commercialization of the drugs are unravelled in it.

Further, a common feature to all clinical trials is linked to the necessity of shipping the drug from production facilities to possibly remote places, guaranteeing a stable preservation temperature. Generally speaking, the shipment is made up of a small quantity of product, inside a passive isothermal package. For the purpose of keeping the drug unaltered during transport, particular attention is devoted to the reliability of the adopted transport solution. It's exactly for the high value of clinical trials that passive packaging for transport of drugs are extremely sophisticated and can be equipped with systems for real-time tracking of travel conditions.

DRYCE can offer its great expertise in designing more reliable and fitted solutions for passive transport, in the context of clinical trials, making use of sophisticated 3D simulations in addition to thermal hold tests of the packaging in real conditions of use. All the packaging systems developed to hold to climatic conditions due to the path, duration and type of transport (including means of transport), can be equipped with smart systems to keep track in real time of variables such as temperature, light, humidity, position, tilting and shock, in order to supply a pattern of information wide enough to record every important aspect of the transportation of the drug. This enables the ability to take action in real time to cope with anomalies during transportation, such as changes in temperature, unexpected packaging opening, overturning, etc.

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