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The main requirement for those who ship biological samples or infectious material is the scrupulous preservation of material temperature. Moreover, it can be often the case that samples travel a long distance for several days during which it is compulsory that the temperature remains stable at -78°C, or at -20°C or at +2°C/+8°C.

Generally, shipped samples packaged in small quantities are transported in environment which are not at controlled temperature, thus the reliability of the transport solution adopted in this kind of shipments is very important. DRYCE can help diagnostic labs in identifying certified and qualified packaging solutions capable of maintaining a controlled temperature of the transported material. This is possible thanks to our experts that select the most fit solution following a preliminary analysis of the transport conditions, including the climatic profiles met during transport.

DRYCE makes available a line of packaging solutions designed for diagnostic labs specialized in clinical and microbiological tests which can offer suitable solutions for any type of shipmen

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