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Freight Forwarders

More and more often, pharmaceutical companies rely on shippers to ensure the transport at controlled temperature of their products, giving them freedom of choosing the mean of transport to use. It's undeniable that, to guarantee the preservation of the cold chain, passive packaging solutions are required in combination with means of transport fitted with active refrigeration.

Identifying a fitting passive solution requires considerable expertise in addition to a deep knowledge of environmental variables which can influence the temperature profile of the transported product. For this purpose, it is necessary, for each new shipment, to perform a precise analysis of all variables, in order to simulate and thoroughly test the capability to maintain the temperature of the chosen solution under the predetermined conditions of transport. DRYCE pair with the shipper in all this activities, supporting them in the screening phase of transport requirements in each section, later selecting the most adequate passive solutions and testing them, at the end, to be sure they are capable of maintaining the temperature of the drug in the requested range.

Further, DRYCE can help in analysing scenarios where temperature diverts in order to identify the causes of non-compliance.

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