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Covid-19 vaccine transport at 2-8°C

The maintenance of the cold chain for the storage of anti-covid-19 vaccines at 2-8°C starts with self-refrigerated isothermal packaging.

Dryce is the first company in Italy to design and produce refrigerated packaging systems for vaccines, drugs and thermo-sensitive products.

Vaccines at 2-8°C anti covid-19 will face a new challenge, compared to the scenario of the typical management of vaccines we are used to. In fact, having to be administered to a large number of people in a relatively short piece of time, it is expected that a large number of vaccination points will be organized outside the traditional hospital and outpatient facilities, such as drive-in or outdoor camps and is not excluded the involvement of general practitioners.

All this will make it possible to multiply the points of administration of the vaccine to the population, in order to facilitate the maintenance of safety distances and at the same time allow a high turnout of people

Considering the scenario that lies ahead in the coming months, the vaccine will be kept in places where probably or normally there are no conditions to easily ensure compliance with the maintenance of the cold chain.

It should be considered that although the vaccine at 2-8°C does not require a prohibitive storage temperature, such as those at -70°C or -20°C, and will therefore in all probability be the one on which the NHS will aim for a mass vaccination, in any case it is not possible to lower the attention on the importance of storing this vaccine at the correct temperature, as like those at -70°C and -20°C, if exposed to temperatures higher than those foreseen, also this vaccine loses its effectiveness.

In this scenario, the best methodologies to be implemented must be envisaged to allow the immediate provision of any administration point, wherever it is, with reliable systems capable of guaranteeing the maintenance performance of the cold chain in every situation, in environments both outdoors, where there may be hard to have adequate power supply, or indoors where there are usually no refrigeration systems suitable for 2-8°C, see for example at general practitioners' offices

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Focusing on pre-activated packaging, qualified to last up to 5 days and which maintain the cold chain at 2-8°C, without the need to use power supply and without the use of batteries to recharge or replace, because they are not electric, represents the perfect solution to face a transitory but at the same time intense phase of vaccination in the coming months.

    The passive packages activated with reusable thermal masses produced by Dryce are qualified systems for the transport and storage of vaccines and drugs at 2-8°C and guarantee the maintenance of the prescribed storage temperature for up to 5 days. The thermal masses that are used to refrigerate them are reusable and are activated in a normal domestic freezer.

    The 2-8°C Dryce’s solutions for vaccine and drugs are available in two variants ThermoBlock and ThermoKube. Dryce owns a complete range for transport and storage packaging at 2-8°C, suitable from small quantities of vaccine to a large number of doses. With Dryce passive packaging it is possible to support the needs of the NHS to activate a vaccination point at any time and in any place, without having to face huge investments in specific refrigerators for 2-8°C.

    The parcel packages can be transported by hand, handled without problems and activated every 5 days, using normal domestic freezers to activate the thermal masses. It is possible to count on a very wide range from 3lt of capacity up to 1000lt, allowing to foresee and satisfy all storage cases at 2-8°C.

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ThermoBlock and ThermoKube

The parcel solutions of the ThermoBlock and ThermoKube range represent the perfect synthesis of efficiency, durability, a guarantee of temperature maintenance, an adequate size for any storage needs and high resistance to mechanical stress.

These refrigerated packaging are used by leading pharmaceutical companies to safely transport heat-sensitive products anywhere in the world, without using refrigerators and refrigerated means of transport

The versatility of these solutions in view of the extraordinary vaccination campaign against covid-19, especially in vaccines at 2-8°C, will allow to have transport and store vaccines at 2-8°C in any place, without risk of temperature deviations

The extreme simplicity of assembly and activation of these packages makes them the perfect candidates for all those cases, in which the number of vaccinations to be done per day must be counted instead of counting the problem of how to daily keep in cold chain and / or how to transport the vaccine at the correct temperature.

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Who we are

Dryce is the first Italian manufacturer of refrigerated isothermal packaging qualified for the transport of vaccines and drugs

Dryce is the only major European producer of dry ice that integrates the entire production chain from the production of the raw material, liquid CO2, to the production of high density dry ice, to the design and construction of the packaging necessary for its use, for transport to controlled temperature of drugs and heat-sensitive products, in the range from -78°C to -50°C, from -20°C to 2-8°C, up to 15-25°C.

Dryce designs, manufactures and qualifies every type of refrigerated isothermal packaging in climatic chamber, for the preservation of drugs and vaccines in the cold chain. Dryce's production structure and lab center are the first in Italy in terms of size and R&D development capacity.

The Customer Service Dryce is constantly operating in the "just in time" management of the supply needs of its Customers, at the service of Pharmaceutical Companies, Hospitals, Analysis Laboratories and Logistics Operators.

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