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Dryce offers diversified solutions, designed to express maximum performance in every sector. Let's find out together.

Why choose Us?


Wide choice of pre-qualified solutions, designed for the transport of small lots and the shipment of big quantities. Excellent thermal monitoring at temperature ranging from + 2/+ 8 °C to +15/+25 °C.

Why choose Us?

Biological samples

Solutions specifically designed for the transport of biological samples and infected material, small-sized and highly resistant to mechanical stress.

Why choose Us?

Diagnostics And Medical-Surgical Presidia

Transport solutions at controlled temperature with high efficiency and extremely reliable temperature-time performances.

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Clinical trials

Packaging designed to withstand high generic and mechanical stress, which guarantees excellent performances in controlling the temperature over time, equipped with real time monitoring systems.

Why choose Us?


Packaging designed for the transport at negative temperature, with high mechanical resistance and exceptional thermal efficiency over time, optimal for transporting organs and biological tissues.

Why choose Us?


A wide range of solutions for large and small lots, designed for the transport at room temperature +15/+25 °C, +2/+8 °C and negative temperature.

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