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Cold Plate

Refrigerant Cartridges

Cold Plate is a family of thermal mass systems, in the form of cartridges made of both disposable and reusable materials. Available in various formats, they enable the assembly of all thermostatically controlled solutions in the Dryce product catalogue.

The thermal masses are placed in each cartridge, so as to ensure an optimal distribution of the thermal mass over the whole heat exchange surface offered by the Cold Plate. With the special assembly of the thermal masses in the Cold Plate, it is possible to activate in the freezer, cell or blast chiller all the available thermal masses, without compromising their distribution within the cartridge. This allows to assemble packages that always offer optimal performance, comparable to those obtained in the tests run in the climatic chamber during the qualification phases.

Cold Plates provides with the following advantages:

- Optimization of the internal space of isothermal containers;
- Faster assembly of packaging;
- Reduced formation of condensation;
- Ease of activation;
- Reproducibility of working conditions


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