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Dryce makes available to its customers a wide range of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and Neopor isothermal containers, with which multiple packaging needs can be met.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS)

The choice of expanded polystyrene as a construction material for packaging stems from the excellent performance/cost ratio and satisfactory eco-efficiency (sum of the energy used to produce and dispose of the material net of the energy which the insulating product is able to save during its use).

The use of external cardboard casings to be coupled with EPS containers also increases the already discrete mechanical characteristics and makes the packaging immediately recognizable. For all Dryce packaging, assembled using either dry ice or Phase Change Materials (PCM), UN approval is provided for the transport of dangerous products.


The use of Neopor isothermal containers significantly improves the insulating capacity of the container, compared to traditional EPS. Thanks to tiny particles, encapsulated inside the cells, which absorb and reflect infrared, the Neopor manages to block heat radiation. A high thermal insulation can therefore be obtained at very low densities.

A low thermal conductivity value corresponds to a high insulating capacity: a lower waste of energy resources is thus obtained, guaranteeing adequate thermal insulation but with less use of raw materials compared to traditional EPS.


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