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Dry Ice is Carbon Dioxide, CO2, in the solid state. The production of dry ice takes place through a first phase of expansion of CO2 in a liquid state that turns into solid “carbonic snow”. The carbonic snow is subsequently compressed in the different formats of dry ice available. The carbon dioxide used by Dryce possesses the necessary purity requirements provided for by current regulations.

The benefits/advantages

The temperature of Dry Ice at atmospheric pressure is extremely low (-78°C); such a characteristic, combined with the high latent heat of sublimation (140kcal/kg) and the fact that heat exchange occurs at a constant temperature, makes it indispensable in a wide range of industrial applications for cooling and temperature maintenance. In fact, for the same weight, Dry Ice provides a cooling capacity of 170% compared to common water ice (80 kcal/kg). Furthermore, Dry Ice, completely sublimating in the air, once its refrigerant function is exhausted, leaves no residue or humidity on the products with which it has been in contact. Another benefit resulting from its use derives from the bacteriostatic and fungistatic capacity guaranteed by carbon dioxide, with which the Dry Ice is produced. This capacity integrates the advantages derived from low temperature maintenance, contributing to the perfect preservation of the products over time.

The supply of Dry Ice Dry ice is sold by weight in reusable isothermal containers or in pre-packaged kits with disposable isothermal containers. A block of Dry Ice can be broken into pieces of various sizes, or cut into slices, to adapt to any type of packaging.


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