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Biological and Infectious Kit

Biological and Infectious material packaging
+2 °C/+8 °C
-78 °C

The activities connected with shipping and transporting infectious or potentially infectious substances, diagnostic samples and biological and perishable materials give all people involved cause for legitimate concern: we refer to researchers, laboratory staff, transport services personnel and shipping services. In carrying out these activities, appropriate procedures must be followed, in order to:
- Ensure the safety of personnel involved in shipping and transport operations
- Prevent the leak of infectious or potentially infectious agents in the environment
- Ensure that the material reaches its destination in the best times and conditions in view of analyses, ensuring the safety of laboratory personnel and the reliability of the outcome.

Dryce transport kits of biological and infectious material guarantee the maintenance of optimal conditions for the storage and shipment of biological and infectious material, and comply respectively with the packaging instructions P650 ADR, P650 RID, P650IMDG.PI650 IATA AND P620 ADR, P620 RID, P620IMDG, PI620 IATA.

Standard configuration ranges

+2 °C/+8 °C -78 °C

Duration (h)
from 24 h to 72 h from 72 h to 120 h

Payload (lt)
26,28 lt from 26,28 lt

Thickness (mm)
- -

Volume (lt)
26,28 lt 26,28 lt

Weight (kg)
from 15,7 kg to 18,7 kg from 10,7 kg to 16,7 kg

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