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Pallet Solution

Pallet Shipper ®

Disposable Isothermal Kits
at positive and negative temperature
-20 °C
+2 °C/+8 °C
+15 °C/+25 °C

Starkit ® Pallet Shipper are single-use prequalified solutions, consisting of packaging that can store an entire pallet stock. They are activated with disposable cold plates, are available in a variety of settings, and can be employed in all types of high volume transport.

Starkit ® Pallet Shipper are all prequalified with the use of AFNOR standard climate profiles.

They are composed of a thick container, made of EPS loaded with a highly athermanous agent, activated with dry ice or with disposable Cold Plates, chosen and positioned according to the indications available in the qualification report. The packaging is already equipped with its own wooden platform.

Standard configuration ranges

-20 °C +2 °C/+8 °C +15 °C/+25 °C

Duration (h)
96 h 120 h 120 h

Payload (lt)
1632,0 lt 1060,8 lt 1060,8 lt

Thickness (mm)
75 mm 75 mm 75 mm

Volume (lt)
3014,4 lt 3014,4 lt 3014,4 lt

Weight (kg)
210 kg 238 kg 238 kg

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