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Phase Change Materials

Developed in its research center, Dryce has a complete spectrum of thermal masses, with which it is able to configure qualified temperature-controlled transport systems, ensuring compliant shipments anywhere in the world.

The maintenance of the "Cold Chain" is in fact one of the key points for the companies producing pharmaceutical "Life Science" products.

These products must be transported at a controlled temperature, varying in intervals prescribed by specific regulations or by the manufacturers.

Water Based PCM

Green Ice® and Blu Ice® are the two “progenitors” of the family. Together with their counterparts, Green Ice Plus®, Green Ice Ultra® and Blue Ice Ultra®, they are water-based gels that are completely biodegradable and transferable like non-hazardous general waste. Formulated with different compositions, they are used alone or in combination with each other and make it possible to carry out every type of transportation at a controlled temperature. The activation temperature range, which includes the components of Green and Blue Ice family, is very wide, and allows overall coverage of transport needs from -50 °C up to positive temperature +2 °C/+8 °C.

Vegetal Oil Based PCM

Silver Ice® and Gold Ice® are new generation PCMs, composed of organic material of natural and biodegradable origin. The most important functional property of these PCMs is due to their melting temperature. With these innovative and sustainable thermal masses it is possible to thermostate an isothermal packaging with extreme precision, avoiding the risk of subcooling the transported product.
They are characterized by positive activation temperatures and are used in thermostats between +2 °C /+8 °C and + 15 °C/+ 25 °C.

PCM Dryce activation temperatures
-50°C | -23°C | -12°C | 0°C | +5°C | +21°C


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