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Starkit ® Cargo Modular

Disposable Isothermal Kits
at positive temperature
+2 °C/+8 °C
+15 °C/+25 °C

Starkit ® Cargo Modular is a qualified, disposable, practical and economical isothermal packaging system. Starkit ® Cargo Modular are used exclusively for the temperature-controlled delivery of pharmaceutical products, which require storage at room temperature in the range of 2-8 °C and 15-25 °C. Starkit ® Cargo Modular is the ideal solution for transporting voluminous goods.

Each Starkit ® Cargo Modular comes with a specific Qualification Report, obtained with the use of AFNOR standard climate profiles. They consist of a thick Neopor-like container, an external corrugated cardboard casing and are activated with disposable cold plates, chosen and positioned according to the indications given in the qualification report.

Standard configuration ranges

+2 °C/+8 °C +15 °C/+25 °C

Duration (h)
120 h 120 h

Payload (lt)
233,3 lt 233,3 lt

Thickness (mm)
75 mm 75 mm

Volume (lt)
837,6 lt 837,6 lt

Weight (kg)
from 63,0 kg to 99,0 kg 99,0 kg

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