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Parcel Solution

Starkube ®

Reusable Isotherma Kits
at positive temperature
+2 °C/+8 °C
+15 °C/+25 °C

Starkube ® are prequalified reusable solutions, consisting of parceled packaging, activated with reusable cold plates, which are exlusively oil-based. They consist of an external container in PP, with a reinforced structure. They have an inner cladding by means of insulated, vacuum-sealed panels (VIP) and are thermoregulated with special Cold Plates, positioned in such a way as to create a real barrier to the passage of heat, in a perfectly symmetrical geometry.

Starkube ® combines the advantage of being reusable with the effectiveness of an advanced insulation, obtained with special VIPs. The greatest secondary benefit related to the use of Starkube ® is the increased load capacity (+15% in the overall volume/useful compartment ratio) compared to a homolofoues single-use solution.

Standard configuration ranges

+2 °C/+8 °C +15 °C/+25 °C

Duration (h)
from 48 h to 120 h from 24 h to 78 h

Payload (lt)
from 8 lt to 14 lt from 6,8 lt to 35,5 lt

Thickness (mm)
30 mm 50 mm

Volume (lt)
59 lt 59 lt

Weight (kg)
from 6 kg to 11 kg from 27,6 kg to 56,4 kg

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